Therapy Saves Lives

I never believed talking could have such a huge impact. Being happier than I ever thought I could be, sleeping through the night, comfortable in my own skin. These are all the reflections on every transformative hour and the moments in between.

I recognise for lots of us we hesitate reaching out for help with our mental health. We convince ourselves there are others more in need, that time will fix it, that it is not getting worse, that we just learn to live with it. From someone who believed all that and more I wish I had started this process years ago. Sometimes we don’t even notice how much we are missing out on until we find happiness.

Starting a hard conversation. Advice is often easier to give than take.

Well that was the start of a conversation I have managed to avoid for around a decade. It was so hard, but I am glad I managed to start it. Preparing to begin… I have been speaking with my therapist Chris about how to talk to my eldest daughter about my childhood. She has frequently […]

Trauma Therapy Session 19: The Magic pill EMDR at least for some

Continuing to share a journey through therapy in the hopes it helps someone else find their path. I was so hesitant about today. I must admit I think part of me was a bit of a skeptic. I didn’t see how waving my eyes back and forth or tapping my legs would make any difference. […]

Trauma Therapy Session 18: Post day 8. Alone but accepting.

It’s a strange thing to try and describe. For years I denied the abuse I lived through. I pushed it aside, minimised it, fort my way forward never standing still long enough for any of it to settle. Some how as I did that I felt closer to those around me. Sure at times when […]

Recovery after therapy. Five ways to help you feel better.

Sometimes therapy is hard. The process of digging up old memories and sorting through them. The action of exposing emotions and learning to sit with them. Often the more productive a session the harder it feels. It can literally feel like you have run a marathon. Creating not just a mental but a physical exhaustion. […]

Trauma Therapy Session 17: Post day 4. I love making progress painful as it is.

The starter for ten… Dam that Dr earns his money. We covered loads and also nothing. At the beginning of the session we reflected on a couple of things and sign posted a conversation for the future. Then we had a really helpful conversation about speaking to other people or more so other people speaking […]

Trauma Therapy Session 16: Post day 6. Back to processing, back to learning.

It has been a while. I have not had any sessions for a good few weeks, sickness and planning combined. But the break was good, it reassured me that I am not currently dependant on therapy and it gave me some down time, to recover from the intensity of the work. This week was a […]

Trauma Therapy Session 15: Post day 8.Five steps to processing emotions.

As part of my ongoing therapy we have been trying to explore and expose me to more negative emotions. Previously negative emotions were a set of feelings I forced aside, avoided, halted, or ignored. This process has been extremely uncomfortable though I recognise needed. I am still not great at it and last week I […]


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