Discrimination – Poem

What do you see?

What do you see when you look at me?
How do your eyes judge?
If I could write the narrative,
would your version budge?

Are the filters you have place,
Limiting your view?
Can you see me clearly
Or is what you see untrue?

What will your dialogue dictate?
What expectations have you set?
The limits you have placed on me,
before we’ve set the bet.

Beyond that hard fast judgement,
where fears do you hide?
What experience has tainted,
Your feelings deep inside?

We have learnt a cover of a book,
does not dictate its worth.
But we fail to learn the truth in this
And judge and judge from birth.

You can not judge the stars by distance,
When you gaze at them in night.
You cant perceive the spectrum of light
Simply with your sight.

You can not predict the next move,
Of a path that’s not yet walked.
You can’t adjust life’s logic,
Of which you’ve not been taught.

You can not learn of someones past,
without walking every step.
And even then you will not know,
the truth in what they’ve kept

Just trust you do not know it all,
And that what you see is skewed.
Skewed by filters you have crafted,
Warping what is true.

So next time you decide to judge,
on what you think you see.
Ask yourself a simply truth,
Is it they who should judge me?


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