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Not sure where to start. Words which fall on deaf ears…

This feels like one of the harder blogs to write. I did not know where to start. I have written it so many times and hesitated at posting it. I share this journey because I recognise there is likely other people struggling through similar challenges and whilst I recognise no one has all the answers […]

A record day of posting. Why you should always give yourself time.

Last night I was so angry. Angry with myself for wanting a life I didn’t think was rightfully mine. For building my happiness in denial and lies. For lighting the match which could burn it all. I was ready to wipe the slate clean. To step away from all the friends and family I love. […]

Authentic self. What the hell is that anyway!!!

I think it’s going to be a blogging day. Writing is such a salve. It doesn’t matter if no one even reads them they are there. And I can imagine the moment of clarity they might offer, or intriguing question they may create. So for anyone who follows me turn off email notifications, I think […]

Time to give it back. Too good for too long.

Let this be a cautionary tale for anyone out there denying a part of who you are. Sooner or later you will choose to be more open with yourself or the world will find out. And when it does and that perfect little existence you built begins to crumble in front of your eyes, hard […]

Until i cant. I can. Three Top tips for dealing with uncertainty

I have been struggling with my physical health a little of late. Working through a diagnosis takes times and I am not the most patient of people. More so though I have noticed I am increasingly worried about the future. I can take the pain of my recent symptoms but some times I am losing […]

Excited about time off work, it’s in the little moments.

For many people this will sound like a strange thing but I am so excited about the fact I am looking forward to a break from work. It appears to be another welcome side effect of improving my mental health. Historically I wouldn’t look forward to time off. I would feel the need to fill […]

Get ready to blast off. A short reflection on a year and a life.

So it’s my birthday today. And well it has been a really wonderful and interesting and tricky year. Before this year I was decided the past was the past and that is exactly where it should stay. But it wasn’t healthy. As much as most days I was able to keep a lid on it. […]

Trauma Therapy Session 20:Well that was astonishing again. EMDR…

I knew going into todays session that it could be amazing but still it blows me away just how effective it can be. I am sure it helps I have an amazing psychologist who is so skilled at guiding me on this path. EMDR My Takeaways… Before I describe as best I can the flow […]

Starting a hard conversation. Advice is often easier to give than take.

Well that was the start of a conversation I have managed to avoid for around a decade. It was so hard, but I am glad I managed to start it. Preparing to begin… I have been speaking with my therapist Chris about how to talk to my eldest daughter about my childhood. She has frequently […]

Trauma Therapy Session 19: The Magic pill EMDR at least for some

Continuing to share a journey through therapy in the hopes it helps someone else find their path. I was so hesitant about today. I must admit I think part of me was a bit of a skeptic. I didn’t see how waving my eyes back and forth or tapping my legs would make any difference. […]


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