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Three ways to respond when someone shares a traumatic history

Stephen and I were debating in bed tonight how you might respond to someone who shares with you a traumatic experience. (I know what pillow talk right! But the kids are off school and the only chance we get to talk about the real stuff is when everyone is in bed). We were discussing how […]

Trauma Therapy Session 18: Post day 8. Alone but accepting.

It’s a strange thing to try and describe. For years I denied the abuse I lived through. I pushed it aside, minimised it, fort my way forward never standing still long enough for any of it to settle. Some how as I did that I felt closer to those around me. Sure at times when […]

Who am I

Who am I? But an echo of fate yet struck A muddle of loss and hope A dance yet spun Or die yet cast Who am I? Am I anything or everything until I am nothing Is it not only then that my story is written I can be defined If I am not until […]

The next evolution. Because being true to who we are is essential.

For the steely eyed amongst you, you will have picked up on my recent name change. And I have finally been able to update the website. RowanAderyn.com A day in bed feeling poorly can do wonders for the to-do list when web design is involved. Beyond changing my actual name I also took the opportunity […]

Recovery after therapy. Five ways to help you feel better.

Sometimes therapy is hard. The process of digging up old memories and sorting through them. The action of exposing emotions and learning to sit with them. Often the more productive a session the harder it feels. It can literally feel like you have run a marathon. Creating not just a mental but a physical exhaustion. […]

Poetry to ignite the soul: Lost in a sea of pain

Find me… Beyond the shore, we’re the darkness meets the black. Where hope lays beyond the horizon and you are asked to trust without knowing, it is there, waiting to be discovered. Left a drift in a sea of despair, lonely in the echo of an endless night. Clutching at energy to stay a float, […]

Lonely in my abuse. Can you have imposter syndrome in your life?

Oh the irony, I recognised last night as I work through and process the horrific things which I struggled through for decades I feel more and more alone. Isolated in a sea of people who gratefully as far as I know have no such similar experience. Then this morning I go for my run select […]

Freedom from heart ache. Letting go of the things which hold us back.

Today I let go of a long held reminder that had weighed heavily on me for years. When mum past away she did not own much. She was still living in a mental health facility at the time, she had only one bedroom other than the shared spaces and with such a tumultuous life behind […]

Trauma Therapy Session 17: Post day 4. I love making progress painful as it is.

The starter for ten… Dam that Dr earns his money. We covered loads and also nothing. At the beginning of the session we reflected on a couple of things and sign posted a conversation for the future. Then we had a really helpful conversation about speaking to other people or more so other people speaking […]

Escaping the real world to find hope in the make believe: Peter Pan

I was reminded the other day of a time I really truly believed in Peter Pan and Never land. I acknowledge that every child has a period of make believe and of escaping into their own little worlds. For me that world was a saving grace so many times. I would write notes to Peter […]

My latest happiness experiment. Creating space for the things I need and love.

I have dabbled in the past with less social media and tv, every time I have I found benefit in it. I found myself not only feeling better in my general well-being but also looking forward to doing those things more. So in my latest continued attempt to improve my mental well-being I have concocted […]

Trauma Therapy Session 16: Post day 6. Back to processing, back to learning.

It has been a while. I have not had any sessions for a good few weeks, sickness and planning combined. But the break was good, it reassured me that I am not currently dependant on therapy and it gave me some down time, to recover from the intensity of the work. This week was a […]

It is the small things which count. Businesses supporting the Mx prefix.

It is the small things which count. Businesses supporting the Mx prefix.

As someone who is newly embracing my whole self it spreads a smile across my face and sends a little bolt of self actualisation through my being every time I come across a company which allows me to recognise myself in a way which aligns with my being. So I thought I would start keeping a list of the companies which do or don’t easily allow Mx as a prefix. (At least until I complete a doctorate one day and achieve my all time goal of have doctor as a tittle.)


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