Steps to happiness . An easy effective way to be happier.

Many of us are constantly on a search for better wellbeing, happiness, fulfilment. I certainly am. I don’t think I will ever get there and I am ok with that, because it’s the journey which is the goal not the destination.

On this journey I have been regularly trying different ways to measure my progress, from tightly managed self check ins with long lists of specific actions, feelings and progress to assess. Annual reviews of goals and life targets. Or daily journaling. But I have failed to date to find a way which day to day is a quick, effective and motivating measure of my progress, until now.

I spent some time reflecting on the fact that progress is often about taking small steps. Small regular steps towards a goal provide much better progress than trying to go big bang. So as a daily check in I have tested the approach where every day I ask “Have I taken a step?” A step towards my goals or in line with my values. I will keep the questions really broad and vague so they can capture a wide range of progress.

My first set of questions…

Have you taken a step to show the girls you love them today? (Values)

Have you taken a step to show Stephen you love him today? (Values)

Have you taken a step towards becoming an author? (Goal)

Have you taken a step to help others? (Values)

Have you taken a step towards being healthier? (Goal)

Have you taken a step to show yourself love? (Goal)

Our steps could be anything. Some of these things like showing the girls love I am pretty sure I will get 100% hit rate with, but it is something which is important to me so I want to measure it. Others like showing myself some love I know will be really challenging.

What would your daily steps be?

From the pen of someone is has known trauma and always found a way back to the happy path. ❤️


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