Should I write a book? Will be worth it? Might it help someone?

Quick shout out to all my followers and any passing ear.

When I was in therapy I captured much of my experiences here on this blog. I hoped that by sharing my journey I could demystify the process for anyone else considering the path of therapy. But it also helped me. It was cathartic. It helped me reflect, consolidate my learning and gave me that sense of not being so alone.

I finished therapy at the end of the year. A wonderful timing for a fresh step forward. Since then on and off I have been trying to solidify the journey in the form of a book. Adding to my blog posts with the bits I left out. Pulling it together into a more cohesive read.

But I have found myself wondering. Is it a worthwhile endeavour. would it actually help someone else? There feels like limited benefit to me now. I don’t get that same sense of progress as I think back to those sticky tricky conversations.

So one for you my avid readers. Would a book following my journey through therapy be worthwhile?

Like, comment, message me, reach out and share your view.


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