Poem – Burn

The moment that it hit me.
The shock of burning pain.
The spilt second of panicked thoughts.
The tears that feel like rain.

The torture of administering,
your untrained botched first aid.
The sense of utter deficit,
at failing to be brave.

The minutes of that treatment,
that felt they’d last for days.
The long nights, trying just to sleep,
the outlook feeling grave.

The fear of nothing changing,
and the dimming of all hope.
Repeated trips in circles,
same words echoed as they spoke.

The sense that longed recovery,
was a wish and nothing more.
That ground hog day of limbo,
became your dreaded norm.

The hope at new opinions,
of knowledge shared and used.
Finally a change occurs,
and things begins to move.

Then confronted with the pain again,
unexpected and hoped gone.
Told you should cope better,
and had done all things wrong.

Poked and prodded once again,
uncertainty returns.
You hoped the days were passed,
where life revolved round burns.

The fear, the failure, the paths not walked.
The shame of words you spoke.
The lack of options or escape.
The lost glimmer of hope.

The journey you had traveled left you weary tired and broke.

A burn that has now faded.
A scar that’s barely seen.
An impact of a life time.
A shadow, of who you’ve been.


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