A fight worth winning.

Mental Health Warriors

Updating the blog is something I will do more than once. Before I started blogging, I thought about the title, focus and approach so many times and so many times it changed. 

This one feels like quite a natural evolution. I have long talked about the importance of fighting for your mental health and to support the health of those around you. At times I come across posts and blogs that appear to want to apply the kid gloves when it goes to discussing mental health, or worse still seam to suggest that it is wrong to say things to people struggling things like, get back up, shake it off, think or be positive. 

I absolutely understand that when you are struggling with a mental health issue simple statements like shake it off are far from easy to do. I am a firm believer though that in the right support net as part of a considerate approach they are very important. I mean what is the alternative, stay down, sit and wallow, be negative and think the worst things. 

Yes I agree that just making a statement like shake it off, ignoring the route of the issue, walking away and offering no help is absolutely the wrong thing.  However positive statements and goals as part of a well-rounded approach to tackling the challenge head on absolutely have their place. 

In my experience of mental health, it really does feel like an almost constant battle. You see someone take down the advancing troupes only to be rugby tackled to the floor, by some hidden ground force coming from behind. You feel the relentless pressure of wave after wave of mental onslaught.

For all these reasons Mental Health Warriors feels like a fitting evolution. Who are you fighting for?


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