Slim for happiness. My latest crazy idea to benefit my mental health and others.

Hey all as you may know I am a massive mental health activist. I won’t bore more tonight with my story as you know mental health has been a long standing thread throughout my life.

This time around I had an idea to help support my mental health and benefit Mind (one of the big mental health charities here in the UK).

Like many of us I have put on weight in lock down and I am struggling to get it off. I know a healthy weight is a big component of maintaining my best mental health. It also helps my back and general sense of happiness. Still it is something I have always struggled with. And I have never maintained a good weight for long.

In the past I have tried diet clubs always begrudging the weekly fee just to stand on the scales.

For some reason losing the weight just for me is never enough of a motivator. In comes my latest idea.

Every week I lose weight between now and the end of the year I will donate what would have gone to the slimming club to my chosen charity Mind.

I hope this extra driver will be a better motivator as I often find it easier to be motivated for other people’s benefit. I will feel good about losing weight and raising some money for charity at the same time. And as someone that has struggled with their weight all their life it will certainly be a challenge.

Perhaps you are in a similar boat and need an added push. Why don’t you slim for happiness and pick a charity you care about. 🙂

Any added sponsorship will just add to the motivation.

Thank you all for reading, you are amazing. I hope being open about my challenge will also help spur on my achievement. Hope you are all well. I will let you know how I get on.


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