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Thought Field Therapy

I was offered a session of TFT by a friend and previous colleague Jeff Kinder at Elite Break Through Solutions. I wasn’t sure what exactly I was agreeing to but wanted to be a supportive friend so set aside some time and dialled into a zoom meeting on Monday morning. Little did I know how amazing the benefits would be.

Jeff explained that we were going to tackle one of my limiting or negative beliefs. There were so many options. I think Jeff may have offered me the session as a result of the ongoing anxiety I suffer due to PTSD.

I could have chosen to tackle one of the remaining triggers I still have around the burn. But I decided if I was going to tackle any negative belief I was going to go for one that I have had even longer than the PTSD. The belief that I am a rubbish parent.

I think Jeff was surprised I had this belief. Logically I know I am a good parent but probably before I even had children I never truly believed I could be a good parent. I know exactly where it stems from but the logic (my mind) could never overcome my heart.

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The Session

What I experienced in the Session was Jeff taking me through some simple affirmations around the belief. I learnt at the end of the session that Jeff was carefully listening to what I was saying and making me repeat those statements which I struggled with most.

Jeff then took me through a series of tapping exercise’s. Tapping certain parts of my hands, neck and face, in a certain order, focusing on the areas which felt most uncomfortable.

At the end of the session we repeated the affirmations in a slightly different way.

What have I experienced during and since the session

Relief – I feel somehow lighter and more at peace.

Less Stress – I would often get very stressed about my approach to parenting. I am now a lot more relaxed about the everyday parenting decisions I have to make.

Happier Parenting – In the past I would get angry with myself for the parenting responses I wasn’t happy with. This in turn would mean I was more short with the family. Now I am more comfortable, I don’t get as annoyed so I think everyone including me is happier.

I was a bit of sceptic during the session though everything Jeff said was logical. My scientific analytical brain struggled to believe that it could be as effective. I am now totally converted and will be looking to apply TFT more often in my life.

A Little more about TFT

Following the session I started looking into TFT a little more. It was developed by Dr. Roger Callahan and has years of testing and research to support it. If you wanted to learn more I found this useful site that has also a free training video for TFT

Have you ever experienced TFT?


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