Poetry – You are so much more

I was so afraid, confused and broken.
Close to my own grave, pain unspoken.

It’s not something you can escape.
A happy thought wont recreate.
A long and rocky road leads back.
To who you were before.

And even now as time has past.
Some believe it just won’t last.
That all you need are happy thoughts.
To let the turmoil be untaught.

Take it from someone who knows.
Who’s read the map and walked the roads.
There is a way back to yourself.
You must persist and give up doubt.

You are worth the happy days.
There is joy, for you to save.
Super up and make your way.
There is peace if you are brave.

Don’t give up, don’t stand still, don’t accept that bitter pill.
Find a way and fight it still.
This mental health is not you.


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