Happy Path Action – No news is good news.

As autumn sets in and winter is soon to blanket the ground, happiness may be a little harder to find, but it is still there we just have to look for it.

As we enter the darker months reviving the Happy Path Actions.

Will aim to post actions regularly to try and inspire us all to take steps towards our own happiness.

Why don’t you give some a try, perhaps share or comment about your experiences. Or give me more ideas of what makes you happy.

Today’s action: give yourself a break from the news. I have experimented a lot over the last few months with how often I check on the news and it has made a massive difference to my levels of happiness. I now restrict myself to now more than twice a day and not before bed. Perhaps try giving yourself a break for a whole day see how it makes you feel.

Don’t forget to follow or share if you would like more happy path actions.


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