Happy Path Action – Do you work out?Exercise not to be beautiful but to be happy, walk, run, dance move for your happiness.

As autumn sets in and winter is soon to blanket the ground, happiness may be a little harder to find, but it is still there we just have to look for it.

To help with ideas, reviving the Happy Path Actions.

Will aim to post actions regularly to try and inspire us all to take steps towards our own happiness.

Why don’t you give some a try, perhaps share or comment about your experiences. Or give me more ideas of what makes you happy.

Today action get some exercise. I am far from what would be consider a fit person. I am not someone that always puts vast amounts of effort into my experience. I don’t exercise for a six pack or ripped body. I work out for the benefit of my mind and happiness. I mention this because because I know in the past when I tried to associate exercise with looking good I would find it all to easy to find excuses. It just wasn’t enough motivation for me I truly believe we are all beautiful in our own ways and physical app team each for me was not too of my list. But when I started associating exercise with happiness it was a lot harder to find reasons not to do it. When I started asking myself work out and be happy or don’t work out and be unhappy the answer more often became work out.

Don’t get me wrong exercise on its own is not some magical pill that ensures I am always happy but without I notice a lower base setting for my happiness. So get out there people walk, run dance move!

Don’t forget to follow for more actions and tools to make you happy.

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