Poem – Chose your path to find ultimate happiness.

So many people say they see a world on fire.
They see chaos and unrest.
They see isolation.
They see discrimination.
They see a lack of hope.

I see a world come alive, new found respect for those people so often undervalued.
The opportunity to own and change wrongs long ignored.
The chance to reconnect with ourselves and our local communities.
The solidarity of some fights common against all differences.
The possibility of a future where we are better.

I feel the moment longer that I now linger in a hug.
I hear the kind words we offer each other in hope and kindness.
I see the efforts big and small to support each other.

We can not always choose the things that happen to us, we can choose how we react to them.

Our destination when the fires die back and the spark slowly dims will be our own doing.

Choose your path wisely.


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