Gratitude because how ever hard things are I guarantee you have something to be grateful for.

What is Gratitude

The oxford dictionary definition of gratitude is ‘… feeling of being grateful and wanting to express your thanks.’

It is that expression of thanks that I think is key for increasing your happiness. For me a lack of gratitude is really a natural state we are all encouraged to live in.

Media, school our parents they all in different ways teach us to try better, strive for more, work harder, aim higher. The lesson is rarely, bask in the fullness of what you have achieved, pause in a moment to take stock of what you have gained or lost, stay for just a short while right where you are and be grateful for what you have.

We are conditioned to believe that what we have is never enough. We are trained almost brain washed to look for greener fields.

Don’t get me wrong that striving is essential. Wanting the better life is so important to growth. It is a gentle balance though. If you continually want more you will fail to ever find happiness.

Ways to practice Gratitude

Some people keep a gratitude journal. This is a great way of writing down the things you are grateful for. You can even look back then and remember the things at different times in your life you were grateful for.

In our house we keep a gratitude blackboard. It hangs on the stairs the idea being that every night before going to bed everyone writes three things on there that they are grateful for.

Another great time I have find to practice gratitude is when insomnia strikes in the middle of the night. I sometimes just lay in bed listing and repeating lists of things I am grateful for. Like most middle of the night need to get to sleep cures it doesn’t always work but sometimes it does and what harm does it cause if it doesn’t.

In the moment gratitude. Sometimes the most powerful form of gratitude I find is right at the moment I don’t think I be grateful. If I can catch myself in those moments and ask myself “What can I be grateful for right now.” It often shifts my entire perspective.

What am I most grateful for.

My family. My children my husband my brothers and sisters, my cousin and in-laws. I am grateful I have people that I simply know would be there for me not matter what. They are all incredible.

My friends. I would always be grateful for my friends. They are such a bunch or caring, creative, insightful, empowering women. I have no idea what I did to deserve them but dam.

My Home. I am really grateful for my home. I love the opportunity to shape a space that feels like a safe haven. Feels like a bit of an expression of me.

Growth. Seams like an odd one but I often grateful for the chance to grow and learn. The chance to move forward. The chance to change.

Cearleon Campus Graduation Day

Choice. I am often grateful for my ability to choose. Perhaps sometimes too much as my hubby says I am like a yo-yo. That option though, it provides me with so much.

What are you grateful for? How do you practice gratitude?


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