Music for the soul, happiness in your mind.

I don’t know about you but I find music so powerful. It seeps under my skin, permeates my soul and can alter my state of mind.

Let it all out.

I have at many points in my life found music and in fact singing to be like the best kind of medicine. When I was teenager stuck in an unhappy place, Disney’s little mermaid part of that world was a great tonic. I remember standing at the living room window with views across the city singing that song and wondering what else was happening out there beyond the horizon. I am unashamedly a big fan of Disney. Even now. The ability to deal with complex issues in a creative, engaging way astounds me.

Perhaps I was reaching for another world as much as Ariel was.

Music for meditation.

I know a lot of people who have said they struggle with meditation. I think a great way to get into meditation is to just sit back and listen to one of your favourite tracks. It could be anything. One of my favourites just to zone out is Clair de Lune.

Find something you love and just try relaxing into the music and enjoy it. Don’t force anything just enjoy something you love. It can be a great way of training your mind to find some calm.

I love sometimes to just switch off and enjoy a song.

Music to work out.

I think there are defiantly two camps of people in this space a bit like Marmite. Those that love working out to music and those that hate it. I am in the love it camp. I prefer to find songs that are upbeat or motivational. Classics like eye of the tigger or perhaps even the soundtrack to a movie like tomb raider often help me find and keep a good rhythm to my workouts and can spur me on that little bit harder.

Cheesy but it works.

Music to focus

I find music helps me focus and work more effectively. The only rule I have here is that it can only be music without lyrics. For some reason if I listen to a song with words I find it harder to focus. My favourite soundtrack for focusing is simply called deep focus on Spotify.

I find music with lyrics is a distraction.

Music to shift your attitude

I find music can help me shift my attitude more quickly than without it. For example before doing a presentation when I am feeling nervous or after that meeting where I feel hammered blasting out don’t rain on my parade often does the trick.

I especially like the glee version of this track.

Music for Anxiety

Did you know there is even a song proven to reduce anxiety. Weightless by Marconi Union was specially developed to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety. In some studies it has been shown to be as effect as sedative drugs. Check it out here…

Music is Unique to you.

One thing is true about music I think everyone is as different in what they like. I imagine if you heard the soundtrack of every persons life no two would the same. Whatever your groove is, think about how to blend more music into your day to perhaps help you crack on with work or take a few moments out to relax. It is powerful tool so often over looked.

One final tip.

Buy an Alexa or other musical device that can easily access and play music at the drop of a hat. As I have gotten older and life busier I have noticed I listen to music a lot less music. Getting a device that can play the music I love easily has significantly increased the amount of mucus I enjoy.


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