Keep hold of the good, from the bad let me be free.

I want to hold on to those moments, when you and I were here.
I fiercely grasp the happy times, to try and bring them near.
I replay all the memories, that warm my aching heart.
I keep tightly guarded moments, before our lives led us apart.

And in my strong desire to hold on to all my dreams, sometimes I can fail to see, letting go is what I need.

I need to let go of those times, pain splintered through my soul.
I want to free myself from darkness, that I once called home.
Delete all records from the drives, that store for me no hope.
Release myself from torment, untie that guilt bound rope.

So heart and mind, I know its hard, these contradicting needs.
Keep hold of all the good things and from the bad let me be freed.


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4 responses to “Keep hold of the good, from the bad let me be free.”

  1. Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    A amazing writer. Please read her positive work.

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  2. Thank you Aderyn for sharing your hopeful and good words. We need to stay positive for the people near us.

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    1. Thank you John, we do indeed. Staying Positive for ourselves provides the foundation for those around us. And i think everyone can play a role in lifting another person up. Love your blog by the way great source of shared positivity. Would love to hear more of your story.

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      1. It a long story. I am 62 year old and I am in my proper place. Four grandchildren keep me busy and the bills are paid. I enjoyed your work also. Robert Schuller and Og Mandino were my mentors in books when I was young. We stay hopeful and you are welcome. I tell anyone who will listen. We will be many people, play many parts, we are learning new lessons daily. We must do our best. Lead with kindness and concern.

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