Rules to overcome and master your happiness.

Don’t give up.

Living with mental health is a long challenging path. There are no quick fixes. I am yet to met anyone that has not suffered set backs in their journey to happiness.

There is a fine line between self care, taking a break and settling into a slump. The later is never beneficial, don’t give up on yourself or your right to be happy. When things get really tough hang on in there.

If you give up you may never know how close you were to happiness.

Be kind to yourself.

Mental health is very real and can have significant impacts to your physical, social and mental health. Don’t make the journey harder than it needs to be. Knocking yourself for the times you tried and failed or perhaps the times you didn’t even try will not help. Accept you are human and in being so you are complex, no one gets it right all the time and that is ok because that is what makes human.

Find your recipe.

To really optimise your mental health a fine balance of strategies, treatments and precautions is required. Find what works for you. Explore all the options out there. Try them and then try them again.

When you find that right mix, the recipe that is best for you stick with it. But accept that sometimes even when you do, things can go wrong.

Don’t accept an unhappy norm.

I see this so often and it worries me most about people’s approach to mental health. They start to struggle a little, feeling a little worse but because they have not dropped off a cliff they accept it and struggle on. Then they feel a little worse again but continue to do their best. And so the cycle goes on creating a gradual decline until before they know it they are deeper into anxiety or depression than they had ever realised.

You deserve happiness accept nothing less.

The slow decent into anxiety or depression is not as easy to notice as going off a cliff.

Be brave, be open.

Without fear there is no courage. Tackling mental health issues can take a lot of courage. Reach out if you need help. If not for you, for those that you could affect. Share your challenges, share your lessons. Only in opening up can we feel accepted and truly happy.


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