New year commit to a happier you.

This time of year a post for new year resolutions feels pretty much mandatory. As we reflect on a year, unprecedented in our times and consider all the things we have learnt, it is rather natural to think about what the year ahead may hold. Perhaps even to consider making a fresh commitment or two.

There are definitely two camps in the New Years resolution stakes. One that feels it is totally ridiculous to decide based on a date to make changes and that any New Years resolutions are doomed to fail before they are made. The other that feels new year presents a fresh opportunity and a natural line in the sand from which to create a better way forward.

To resolve or not to resolve which camp are you in?

I believe what ever works for you is perfect. For me it is another opportunity to reflect and look forward. I enjoy taking the time to think about how a new year could be better than the last. And whilst I have about as much success as most people with strict resolutions I see it as another opportunity to try and improve myself and the world around me.

Looking back.

This year on new eve years we started a new family tradition. I spent no more than ten minutes flicking through the photos on my phone and adding a selection of them to a 2020 highlights folder. Than I let apple do the work and as a family we sat down for a few minutes on New Year’s Eve and looked back at the year together.

It was really easy and lovely to look back on the year. We reminded ourselves of what we had achieved and the fun memories we had shared. Despite everything going on the world there were quite a few. We talked together about the moments we remembered and all agreed this was a tradition we would keep.

Resolutions/ Commitments.

Perhaps unusually for me I have not made any hard resolutions this year. Nothing that said from the 1st of January I will…

I have made a few general commitments and one of two specific ones.

Vision board – I am committed to trying a vision board this year for the first time. I have read a lot about them but always felt they were a little non specific for me. I like deadlines, details and visions felt vague. However there is a lot is positive research and commentary on vision boards so I have decided why not give it a try.

No idea what I am going to put on the vision board!

To be healthier – I am taking a very radical approach for me in this space. In previous attempts I have joined the weight loss clubs, bought the books, tried the cleanses. This year though there will be no counting calories, no fad diets, no weighing myself. I am simply going to challenge myself to eat well, exercise and I will continue with intermittent fasting.

Looking forward to getting out for a run again soon.

To publish my book – Lock down gave me the opportunity to finish the first draft. I am setting myself a deadline of November. If I have not picked up an agent by then it is self publishing. This is a very scary ambition but I am determined to see it through. I have been so inspired by the talented writers of my local group and I so enjoy writing it is worth the effort to push through the self doubt and hurdles.

My book is not about ruling the world. At least not yet!

Start some new daily habits. – I had a great book for Christmas all about daily habits and I am sure there is space in my day for a few news habits. I am going to do some research and find a few that fit (or at least feel worth while giving them a try).

Habits make things happen.

Have you made any resolutions? Have you failed at any already? Do you have any tips on a vision board?

I believe the most important thing about resolutions is to not give up giving up (or indeed taking up new habits). Most things worth doing take effort and won’t be easy. Any chance to strive towards happiness or a better version of you is a good thing. The important thing if your resolutions don’t work out, is to dust yourself off consider where they went wrong and carry on again.

Happy 2021 all, hope it is a fabulous year. X


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