How to get to your first 100 followers.

Thank you so much, you amazing people.

Thank you so much to everyone that was liked, commented and followed the blog.

I started this blog after the response I had in work “coming out” about my mental health diagnosis. So many people commented that they had their own struggles and they felt a little better knowing they weren’t alone. So many people rightly nervous about sharing their own story.

I wanted to try and break the stigma of mental health by sharing the stories of real people and my own journey.

Every like comment and follow makes me feel a little jump for joy. One more person has been reached, one more person may have been helped, one more person has engaged in the conversation.

I have definitely not experienced the overnight success of some viral bloggers but every follow means so much. I love to see what others are sharing and have learnt so much from you guys.

This blog is a little preemptive as currently my pure WordPress follows total 81 (if you count social media I have passed 100). I wonder in my slow and steady pace can I get to 100 blog followers before the end of January? That would be a lot more followers than I normally pick up and perhaps I shouldn’t care when I get there, I will get there one day.

I Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone that has liked, commented and followed. Your small action means so much. And I thought in the intent of paying it forward I would share a few of my learnings.

Pick something you are passionate about and go for it.

At the start I worried that I would run out of things to write about. I think as long as you are passionate about the subject you have picked you will never run out. Trust me.

Scheduling matters.

Perhaps in a future blog I will have the right answer here. I haven’t entirely figured it out. I am learning it matters what time and when you post. I am trying to get into a rhythm of posting my main blog every Monday. However I am far from good at it. Part of my problem is I get so excited to share something when I think it is done, I just have to click publish no matter the time of day or night.

Blog titles matter.

This nut has been a little easier to crack thanks to a free easy title checker tool. I use

This tool has taught me a lot about language and coming up with engaging titles. After all we all want people to read our blogs and the title is what engages someone, so titles really matter.

Good luck in your blogging endeavours. And thank you.


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