Why you should watch Disney+ Marvel Hero project.

So why on earth on my blog about mental health am I writing about a tv show on Disney and one aimed at kids!

Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes.

To Inspire – I have on many occasions crossed paths with someone who is struggling because of the limitations we set on ourselves. I must be this person, I must do this thing. When you see the inspiring stories of people happy to accept themselves for who they are or not setting any limitations to the awesome things they achieve you have to ask yourself. Why can’t I?

It offers perspective – I find shows like this offer a different way of looking at things. Challenging our way of thinking is key to improving our mental well-being. From challenging the stigma of mental health to challenging ourselves to improve our wellbeing. Sometimes we hit a dead end. A new perspective can help move us forward.

It develops gratitude. – Not only do I find myself feeling greatful for all the things I have. My health, my friends, my opportunities in life. I also find my inspired by the gratitude of some of the kids on this show. By some measures other might judge that they have far less to be grateful for and yet they exude hope and gratitude. Man they rock!

One word of caution. Shows like this viewed with the wrong mindset can your mental well-being back. It is easy to fall into the thinking of I have done so little, I am not as good as this amazing child with less resources and more challenges. Don’t watch it and judge yourself, watch if and be proud for them, then gentle ask what can I learn from them. If you are learning, you are growing and if we all continued to grow the world would be an amazing place.

So in short I started watching this with my eldest and I am addicted. What amazing children and journeys. Do you know any other tv shows or movies that move you?


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