Do you aspire to be a heads up kind of person?

Are you a head down or a head up walker?

I often walk with my head on the floor into of me!

I found myself watching people out of my living room window today as they walked by tackling their lockdown daily exercise. I noticed there appeared to predominately be two types of walkers. Those with their gaze set firmly on the floor in front of them and those with their head up high only casting an occasional glance to the path below.

It got me thinking about my style of walking. When I am walking around the streets near our home, I am definitely more of head down kind of girl. Trying to keep an eye out for the things to avoid, including those nasties you really don’t want to step in.

It made me wonder if this is a bit of a metaphor for life. Do I spend more time trying to avoid making mistakes than enjoying the view?

There are benefits of course to being a head down kind of girl. I am confident in my next step. I can warn those behind me of things to avoid. I don’t have to clean the bottom of my shoes very often. But what am I sacrificing. What am I missing out on in life in my pursuit to avoid the shit!

What kind of a Walker are you? Does it reflect your style or approach in other areas of your life?

Next time I go for a walk I am definitely going to try and be a heads up kind of girl. And in fact I may try and apply that same learning to every aspect of my life.

So if anyone sees me spending too much time focusing on my feet please just tell me “head up girl”. After all I could be missing this!

If I don’t look up more what will I miss. Somethings are worth risking the shit for.

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