Covid is harming our children just not in the way we see.

If Covid happened 27years ago I don’t think I would have survived and not because of Covid.

27 years ago I was living at home with my mum, dad, little sister and one of my older brothers. My mum was really struggling with her mental health. She really was not coping well. At her worst my mum believed the world was such of an evil place my sister and I would have been better off out of it. I very nearly became one of those heart breaking headlines.

With everything going on in the world And after reading a heartbreaking piece on bbc news this morning about increased children self harming and attempting suicide I have decided I have to act.

I need to speak for those who can’t. I need to speak up for all the children locked in. Locked in to abusive homes. Locked in to dangerous situations. Locked into their bedrooms. Locked in to a lack of food. Locked in to a home, some of them never seeing the light of day.

All the politicians talk about is the loss education and children are losing so much more.

Here in Wales schools are still open for frontline or vulnerable children but this requires the child to be recognised as vulnerable. I spent years at home living in dangerous, scary circumstances before social services got involved. My parents would never of self elected as a vulnerable child if they were asked 27 years ago. So back then Covid would have forced me to be stuck at home.

I really think having to care for us 24hrs a day seven days a week for us would have sent my mum even further over the edge. The tragic reality is I think she would have failed and I would simply be gone. Even if she managed to struggle through and not attempt to harm us further than she already was the impact of no school for me would have been huge.

School when I was child was the only normal thing I had. It gave me a sense of safety, a space I could escape to somewhere I could learn and grow. My friends gave me a sense of fun and community I desperately needed. I have so many fond memories of primary school. I have no doubt it helped get me through and gave me a great foundation on which I could build my future self. I am sure it was a factor in me surviving.

I feel the need to speak out because I am increasingly concerned for those children locked in to horrific situations. And actually after read this news article it brings into stark realisation it is not just those children in difficult situations struggling. More needs to be done to support our young people.

If you are worried about your child’s wellbeing please do reach out for some help. Just a few options:

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