Why I Stopped Looking Forward to the End of Lockdown.

I have stopped looking forward to the end of lockdown and it has quadrupled my happiness. Here’s why:


I am so much more aware and focused on all the people and things I have in my life right now and every day the list grows. the roof over my head, my wonderful friends and family, a hot bubble bath, a good book, a nice routine…

I think I am addicted to that sense of gratefulness for the people I love and the things I have.

Controlling Your World

I am not focused on things I simply can’t control like when the schools go back or when lockdown will end. I am focused on all the hundreds of things I can control every day. When I get up, what I wear, what I eat, what I do, what I say, what I watch, what I read, what I prioritise…

Focusing on those dials I can move gives me a sense of accountability and achievement.

Remove Uncertainty

I am focused on those things I know to be factual and impactful to my life. There are plenty of things I know today and there is no value stressing about things that may or may not be. Even of the things I know with some certainty most of them don’t really impact me so I choose to put them down.

There are only two days in the year nothing can be done yesterday and tomorrow. Dali lama

Maximising Happiness.

I am spending more time thinking about how to maximise today’s happiness. This new found focus is opening up lots of possibilities. New fun with friends (I recently sent some of my friends a little card with lockdown challenges in), new experiences (I am booking a live musician for a virtual live music hour with my friends), more ideas to do with the girls at home (on the to-do list are making bird feeders and a nail salon).

Worry does not take away tomorrow’s troubles it only takes away today’s peace.

Filling My Today’s With Happiness.

So I am not waiting for tomorrow, I am simply enjoying my today and dam it feels good.


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