Five reasons why you should never give up on your dreams.

When I was kid my head was filled with hope and ambition to achieve so many things. As I have grown I have allowed other priorities or distractions to take the place of my dreams.

But the last couple of years i have slowly began to find them again and now I wonder why I ever gave up on them in the first place.

Pursuing your dreams will teach your children to do the same.

My wonderful children are definitely part of the reason my dreams faded out of sight. I still feel guilty sometimes when I steal the odd hour to write. I have always wanted to be a great parent and lots of the examples we have teach us we must sacrifice for our children.

There was a lot of pressure to spend every waking minute either working or with them. A great deal of this pressure came for myself, some of it came from social media. You often see pictures saying things like your ‘children don’t need things they need time’.

I have realised that in giving up on my dreams I am just teaching them to do the same one day. I honestly want nothing more than my girls to grow up happy and healthy. When I think about them one day giving up on things that make them happy it breaks my heart.

I love the look of pride on My eldest face when she asks me how my book is coming. I want her to learn you should never give up on your dreams.

Our children need role models of healthy happy balanced people that is what I am aiming for.

Filling your time with your dreams is much more satisfying.

People ask me a lot where I find the time. It is hard at times and I squeeze a bit in here or there. The important thing is prioritising. There is always work to be done, things to do with the kids or tv to watch you have to decide how you spend your time.

A big change for me is I have stopped doing things just to fill the time. I don’t just sit down to watch TV unless I know exactly what I am watching. I won’t finish a tv series I am not enjoying just to see the end. I prioritise a lot more and I restrict time box activities. Giving them a clear start and finish. And I am so much happier for it.

When the intention behind an act is strong the enjoyment from it is so much greater.

Dreams can be reality.

I also think I had given up because the world encouraged me to. People would question my dreams in such a way that it made them feel unachievable. You only have to look around to thousands of examples of people who made their dreams a reality. The only ones guaranteed not to, are the one who didn’t even try.

It is hard but putting other peoples opinions aside is so important. They hopefully have their own dreams to pursue. Unfortunately often they have given up on theirs which is why they struggle so much with understanding other people still trying to pursue their own.

Dream big. What we strive for we acquire.

It’s the journey not just the destination

When you find something you are passionate about the journey is the most enjoyable part. When I am writing I find sheer joy. In those moments a story unfolds itself or takes a sudden change I am as excited as a kid who is going on holiday without their parents for the first time.

Often the journey is the most enjoyable part.

Your dreams will enhance your life

Before I was worried that I couldn’t be the best at being a mum and an employee and a friend and a wife and a writer. I honestly thought I had to choose what to be best at and the dream was bottom of the list.

Writing though is helping me be better at all those other things too. I can research better, communicate more effectively, listen more actively. I have learnt so much from perusing writing and that learning has enhanced every aspect of my life.

When we grow we bring more to the world around us.

What ever your dreams are they are worthy of you finding them.

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