Poetry to Ignite the Mind and Stir the Soul: International Women’s Day

To all those fabulous ladies I know. I hope you see a little of yourself in these words. You inspire me.

In my darkest moments, you drag the stars down from the sky.
And if their twinkle doesn’t work, you simply sit with me and cry.

You always think of others without a single hesitation.
You give yourself completely without pause or limitation.

You inspire the way I parent, the love and care you show.
You are your families centre, it is with you they all grow.

You see the silver lining in the darkest stormy night.
You are my guiding star that shines its brightest light.

I am blessed that you are with me, to inspire my every day.
These strong and powerful woman, who guide me on my way.

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For all the wonderful women in my life I would be lost without you.

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