Light up your life. Three forms of light to enhance your well-being.

As you know on the happy path I like to share ideas of the tools I find help overcome anxiety or depression. I always think you need the right tool for the right job, often many tools to do one job and what works for one is not always what works for another. Here’s hoping you find the right tool kit for you.

So why light?

Light has long been a point of fascination and scientific intrigue. From Apollo the God of sun, light and healing to lights for treating Seasonal Adjustment Disorder to recent studies on the treatment of dementia. There are definitely lots of examples of how light can positively affect us.


We all adore that glorious feeling of the sun warming our skin and seeping into our bones and there is good reason for it. Sun light is proven to increase serotonin which helps to keep us calm and focused. This type of light can also improve the quality of your sleep. It is worth considering going out for short periods of sunlight with exposed skin to soak up those rays. Just be careful not to stay in the sun too long without protection.

Next time you are heading out even on a cool sunny day consider leaving the coat at home.

SAD Light

Whilst far from a cure SAD lights can help to boost energy and ease the symptoms of things like Seasonal Adjustment Disorder. I had a brilliant version that you could set an alarm for and instead of a sound waking you up it would gradually get brighter like the rising of the sun. (It did also have a fail safe classic alarm which was handy for those occasions the light was not enough.)

Rock Salt light

This is a new type of light I recently stumbled across and decided to give a go. Lots of advocates of the Himylan rock salt lamps advise they give off negative ions. Whilst negative ions have been proven to help with depression, there is little evidence that these lamps give off enough ions to make a difference.

I will say this about them. They give the most naturally warm and comforting light. I find them very relaxing. I like my new addition so much I now want another one for my bedroom.

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