Positive thinking is not a cure for mental illness but it is one of many great tools.

I see lots of posts like the above. And they are entirely accurate. All of the mental illness I am aware of can not be cured just by thinking positive. I appreciate there are a handful of people in the world that will make a statement like “Just think positive.” Or “Get on with it.” Because they are coming from an uneducated place and just wanting to move the conversation on or fail to acknowledge the severity and very real impact of mental health.

However I also know lots of wonderful people that when they make a statement like think positive are only trying to help. As someone that has experienced mental health illness from a number of perspectives I know negative thinking is definitely a challenging issue when you are ill. Often those offering this statement just want you to feel and think better. We should be kind and either choose to accept or ignore the advice. Educate them on what you would like to hear. Personally I don’t mind if any of my friends want to remind me to do this. I am frequently trying to remind myself.

And finally let’s not just write the first statement and fail to empower those with mental illness to explore and train their minds to think more positively. Dam this is hard work to do, our brains are hard wired to find risks and problems, to remind us of failings.

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