Smashing It. How I went from anxiety attack to happy in 24hrs.

I wanted to share after a few less than optimal days I have smashed it today and my happiness is thanking me for it.

I have eaten well. I always feel rubbish after a day on the sweet stuff. Today I don’t feel bloated, I have not struggled through any sugar highs or lows. I feel lighter, fresher better.

Eating good food makes us feel good.

I have avoided social media. I haven’t compared my day to others. I haven’t worried about things I might read. I haven’t judged myself and how I should be doing more or better.

Social media sometime just makes me feel like less. Less worthy, less decent, less me.

I have limited my news exposure. I would like to say avoided it entirely but with everything going on at the moment it feels essential to keep abreast of developments. I haven’t looked at the news since 4pm and I will avoid it tonight.

The news often makes me feel desperate to change the world and unable to do so.

I have spent time doing things I enjoy. Teaching and writing both in the same day. Utter luxury.

Writing is definitely becoming my new addiction.

I socialised with real people. Over Zoom of course but I laughed and learnt and was inspired.

Whenever I spend with real people I find something inspiring.

I pampered myself with a bath. Just a bit of time for me.

Self care is essential.

I am still a little anxious i say a little. I woke in the middle of the night last night with agonising pain in my knee paranoid I had a blood clot following the Covid jab. It took a while to calm my flight or fight response but I managed it quickly and was able to get back off.

My knee is still hurting.

Tomorrow is another day I hope I smash it again.

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