Its true Silence is deadly and transformational, powerful, enlightening and necessary.

Oh my gosh I feel so FREE.

I have been really quiet on the blog the last couple of weeks. Thank you if you stuck with me. I am expecting to be here a lot more now I have acknowledged the route of my blocker. On the interests of sharing to improve here’s what was holding me back.

1- I have not been in the best headspace and how can I help others be happy when I am not feeling it?

Hospital has always scared me. I even had both my babies at home to avoid it. But needs must and I am going to own this bit of my journey.

I always purposefully wanted to focus my blog on the happy path, because I think it is important that no matter what worldly or mental health challenges we are struggling with, we preserver and never give up.

The last couple of weeks I have been a bit stuck. It is mostly because I have to go in for some surgery and well my anxiety following the PTSD has been doing a great job of throwing me off my game.

But more on that later. Happily I can say with the support of some amazing friends and family along with managing to keep up my regular rituals I am coming out the other side.

2- I started a blooming blog series on healthy eating and tried and failed god knows how many times to actually eat healthy.

I have been so focused on my weight. As you can tell from the picture above not because I am obsessed with the aim of beauty but because I want to feel good and be healthy. When that became all about dieting I don’t know but that’s it for me and the diet rollercoaster.

I don’t often do series of blogs but inspired my a meditation around mindful eating I was determined to take some of the lessons and attempt to get control of my eating.

Unfortunately it seams I took the lessons mixed it with all of my PST past mistakes and got now where.

Suffice to say Part 2 has been a long time in the making because there was a lot more learning to do. Again more on that soon. I am now committed to giving up dieting and focusing on accepting myself and my body for who I am.

I might even buy some clothes that fit rather than wishing the post Covid body away and living in stretchy gym wear.

So Thank you and welcome back. How have you all been?

So thank you again, all those that checked in on me, gave me great advice, sat with me while I rambled. And to those that will stick with me on the journey yet to come. Let’s do this!!!

This was let one on mindful eating which I still stand by however I walked away from this blog and did so many things in the opposite.

Don’t forget follow The Happy Path for more tips and inspiration to live your happiest live.


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