What is Mental Health and why should you care? Five Facts about Mental Health.

It is the start of Mental Health Week week here in the UK. A week aimed at raising everyone awareness about Mental Health what it is and how we can improve our mental wellness but why should we care?

100% of us have Mental Health

Just like physical health we all have mental health. Sometimes it is good sometimes we struggle with our health. Like physical health sometimes our struggle is a consequence of a poor life style and sometimes it is because of something that happened which we cant control, or an illness we are suffering from or even our genetics.

1 in 4 of us will Experience a Mental Health Problem

In the UK 1 in 4 of us at some point in our lives will experience a mental health problem. Sometimes mental health can deteriorate gradually, sometimes it is a sudden extreme decline. Either way we aren’t always prepared for its impact or equipped with the tools cope.

Suicide is now the biggest killer of men under 50

This tragic statistic demonstrates just how much of an impact mental health can have those suffering with an illness and those that are left behind. If you feel you are this point please reach out for help.

90% of people experience stigma

90% of people with a mental health problem say they suffer some form of stigma. No imagine you are starting to struggle with your mental health or you are suffering so much you are considering ending your life. How comfortable would you feel reaching out for help. With statistics like these these even if you have not been directly affected by stigma you are likely to have witnessed it and felt its effects.

50% of lifetime mental illness begins by the age of 14

Mental illness is not just something we experience as an adult. With the pressures of modern life and the life styles we all adopt the statistics show increasing numbers of children are struggling with their mental health.

So why should you care?

With numbers like these the probability is you or someone you care about will at some point in their lives struggle with mental illness.

You or someone you know has been responsible for stigmatising people who are suffering with this very real, very impactful illness.

You can find these stats and more at Facts and figures | Mental Health Resource

Please be kind to yourselves and each other. Mental illness can be as devastating as cancer and last a lifetime. It is not also easy to know who is suffering or why people are struggling.

If you need to reach out for some help you can find some support here Reach Out – The Happy Path (alisonaderyn.com)

Don’t forget follow The Happy Path for more tips and inspiration to live your happiest live.

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