Social media drains our happiness. How to detox…

Social media can be a great way to connect with others. Learn and grow. Or simply enjoy our time. For many of us we love nothing more than spending hours a day scrolling through the apps to fill our time.

This double edged sword can sometimes have a negative impact on our well-being. Actually making us feel more discounted, depressed and isolated.

It is worth us considering if we are getting something good from social media and if not considering taking a break. Which is often easier said than done.

Here are so tips to help step away when we need too.

These little buttons can absorb a lot more than battery.

Find alternatives

You need to have alternatives ready to go for those quiet moments you want a quick distraction in that time you would usually fill with social media.

Make yourself a list of small jobs or activities. Download a couple of brain training games. Start reading a book on your phone. I like to include other things on my list like, message a friend, send someone you know a random picture, find a positive quote you like, write a bit of your blog, clear one shelf in the bedroom, sort through one draw of clothes, listen to a song you love.

Cold turkey or gently does it?

Personally I am an all in or out kind of girl. I find it much easier to set a complete hefty goal than if I was to try and reduce or limit my exposure to social media.

Once I have gone cold turkey I find in much easier to then introduce sensible limits. Like only reviewing a platform twice a day. Not looking at any social media the couple of hours before bed.

Remove temptation

Delete the apps from your phone and sign out of any websites. If you are really struggling you could ask someone you trust to change your password and not tell you. Having to log on from a laptop is a great way to discourage over use.

Set a realistic goal.

What ever might be a challenge for you go with that. Perhaps no social media after a certain time of the day, or a total detox just for a week at first. It should feel challenging but also be achievable. making vague large goals like never again is not very measurable and so hard to achieve.

Hope you find ways to fill your time that make you happy. X

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