Five reasons why you are amazing and can do anything.

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This week my eldest who is still only small had her first pupil concert in a long time. She has been learning the piano for years and has come on amazingly since those days of single fingers and halting one handed tunes. I think she is amazing and I know she works really hard.

Still she sat next to me waiting her turn physically shaking from nerves. She whispered to me “What if I make a mistake? I know I am going to mess up.” Every time I see her doubting herself it breaks my heart a little. I see all the pressure she puts on her self and I wish I could melt it away.

Even when we can…we doubt it.

She is not alone, everyday I meet so many people who doubt themselves, criticise themselves, compare themselves. I hear people talk about how they are not good enough, clever enough, or talented enough. Dam I wish I could get inside your head. I wish I could be there to tell you otherwise. So here is the start of a million reasons you are amazing.

You are unique

I have never met anyone like you!

Take a moment to consider that. Of all the 7.9 billion people in the world, there is only one of you. Only one, of your unique mix of skills. Only one, of your life’s experience. Only one, of your individual perspective on the world. Only you, could look at a problem the way you do. Only you, considers things the way you do.

How amazing is it, that of all the people in all the world, there is only one of you.

You have overcome

We are sometimes so focused on what lays ahead that we don’t appreciate the journey behind us.

Where ever you have come from, you made it here. To this moment in time. Reading this blog. Think of all the things you have overcome, struggled with, and survived. You did that. You are here because of your own determination and desire to carry on.

And I bet there were times you thought you might not get through it, times you felt overwhelmed, times the answers felt lost and yet here you are.

You have grown

Picture yourself a year ago, five years or more. Would you say you are exactly the same? Odds are you have changed, hopefully for the better, and if for the worse then notice that. Consider how you would like to look a year from now, three years from now. We all change, regardless if my choose too. We have have an opportunity to decide how.

You continue to try

I keep trying to find the right words to inspire people. I don’t think they always hit the mark but I keep trying…

None us can be persistent or optimistic 100% of the time. But you in the face of everything you have already had to overcome, you keep on trying. I know that because you are reading this blog.

All those job rejections, fated relationships, lost friends and family, failed business attempts, forgotten dreams. You still keep trying, new things, the same things, better things.

And behind the big loses we suffer and continue on, we all need to give ourselves more credit for the small occasions, when we don’t want to work but we do, we don’t want to cook or clean but we do, we don’t want to go out or help someone else but we do. Modern life is not conducive to happiness or perseverance; holding onto that spark gives the flames a chance to grow.

We all make mistakes

Yes we have all made mistakes. I don’t know what they were, but we all have. It is human to make mistakes, in fact healthy and sometimes essential. Don’t let fear of making a mistake hold you back. Some of the greatest discoveries of all time were fuelled by mistakes. Mistakes are the foundation on which we grow. If we are making mistakes we are trying hard and stretching our abilities.

You are worth it

If you are not worth it who is? Starting with knowing your own worth is the point from which we can truly appreciate others.


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