Five ways to help with transition or change anxiety…

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This week my eldest finishes primary school and will start high school in the autumn. There have been lots of tears, and a mix of excitement and sadness. We are both excited and looking forward to high school, but sad to be closing a chapter in her life. She is very upset about leaving her friends behind, they have grown so close over the years.

Transitions and endings in our lives are often difficult no matter what they are. When we lose people, change jobs, move countries or perhaps even achieve a big goal or a life’s ambitions. Here are so ways to help…

Don’t deny the feelings

This is so important especially for our little ones. Don’t deny or try to get them to “shake off” their feelings. Our feelings are essential and follow us throughout our lives. If we don’t learn to explore and deal with them, we can find ourselves in a whole heap of trouble.

Ask yourself or your child what you are feeling, sometimes naming a feeling can take away some of its power. Reassure them it is normal to have big emotions when facing such a big change and explore their feelings with them.

Talk about the past

Remember the good times and the bad. Talk about the things you both remember. Reminiscing can be massively therapeutic.

Talk about the future

Don’t spend your whole time looking backwards. Talk about how things will be different what they will look forward to, what they are nervous about.

Mark the occasion

Do something to mark the occasion. Go out for a meal, head straight to the park after the last day of school, watch a movie. Marking big occasions is helpful as it allows us to acknowledge the event in a positive way.

Save some memories

Think about creating a pin board or a memories box of all their favourite memories. Include some pictures or hand written notes about the things you can recall, include as much details as possible, names dates etc all help when you are looking back.


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