Why asking the right question gets the best results…

So in my well-being studies I came across this fascinating idea of google searching your brain. The idea being that when we ask ourselves a question our brains will search for the answer. However our brains are not always as effective as Google and may misunderstand the goal we want to achieve.

Here are some simple examples of how we can reframe our self speak/ internal dialogue to wield better results.

Struggling with sleep…

Struggling with anxiety…

Can’t find a way forward…

Does it really make a difference?

Hell yes. As Intelligent as we like to think our brains out. Really they are still a little primal, that and they try to be very efficient so will hone in on certain key words. If you are using negative words like proven, stuck, anxiety, your brain might find you information associated with those things.

Next time you hear yourself asking a question listen carefully, could you slant it in a more positive way?


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