Three amazing things I found when i quit TV and why i love it!

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This is a strange blog for me to write. It is not anything I set out to achieve. I am a big fan of tv and movies. However over the last couple of years I have noticed a significant shift.

I have gone from watching hours of TV every day, to having some days where I do not watch any!

It might feel a strange thing to be writing about on this subject on a well-being blog, but the benefits I have found have been amazing and so I thought I would share the story with you guys.

How Did it Start…

Enter the age of streaming TV. Like many of us we were quick to adopt the netflix…prime…Disney+ offerings of the world. They became a substitute for buying a dvd. We would watch “normal” TV and then if we fancied a movie or something specific switch over to the streaming services.

Less just watching more intent

Little by little we found ourselves turning to the streaming service instead of the normal tv. After a while we noticed as a family we were all mostly watching streaming services. The kids like the freedom to choose and most of the shows we loved were now streamed.

Cancelling the TV license

We started to question the value of the TV license we have to pay here in Britain to watch live tv. For a couple of hundred pound a year we barely used it.

After looking into it, we decided we weren’t getting value for money and that we would cancel the tv license. This would mean we could only stream TV that was prerecorded and not live.

What we found…

We did not miss it much. There is so much variety on streaming channels that we did not miss much of the tv we previous browsed.

Watching tv is now done with purpose. In the past we would have just sat down and turned on the TV, scrolled through the channels until we landed on something. Now it is done with intent. We sit down to watch a specific show or movie.

We watch less tv. Well I know at least I do. I have been surprised by the amount of time I previous spent watching TV. I fill it with all sorts of things now, more writing, learning, time with other people.

Why should you care?

On average most people spend four hours a day watching tv.

That’s 28 hours a week.

That 112 hours a month

Roughly 1344 hours a year.

If you feel happy and for filled in your life and watching TV is a part of that don’t change your habits. I always say that everyone’s recipe for happiness is different, perhaps tv and switching off is part of yours.

For me I could never imagine going back to how much TV I watched previously. I am much happier with all of the benefits less Tv gives me.

If you really what challenge yourself I know someone that does not even own a TV. Not sure I could manage that, but if you feel like you want to make a huge change!

Hope you are all well and happy.


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