Four ways to protect your well-being when the world is Going to Sh!t

I appreciate that with lots of uncertainty and turmoil in the world again it is easy for anxiety to get out of hand. Here are some tips to maintain the calm in the storm.

Avoid the News

This is a hard one but so important. There is so much information freely available these days we can become addicted to it. If you feel you need to keep up to date on developments then limit yourself to reviewing once a day. Or you can balance your intake of usual news outlets with news specifically focused on the good stuff like…

Focus on your Sh!t

There is probably enough immediate work, challenge, joy, in your world to keep you busy and happy. It is not about ignoring the world but focusing on and understanding what we can influence and using that to make our days a little better.

Enjoy the Moment

We all sometimes take for granted the world we live in, day to day. We pass by the little happy moments as standard, expected and basic. Enjoy that sip of tea, that hug from someone you love, don’t ever take for granted the little things. Listing out things you are grateful for every day is a good start.

Get Outdoors

Go for a walk ideally outside in nature. There is something that reconnects us when we get outdoors. Nature can be awe inspiring and humbling. She is without doubt the greatest force on earth and we are a part of that.

Hoping you find your happy path, like, share, comment or follow if you want to see more well-being and mental health chat.


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