Find your happiness and draw the line nothing should hold you back from it. Not even you!

I get it. Within the last last 24hours I was so close to cancelling seeing my friends. On at least three occasions I had my phone in my hand ready to right that message… I am sorry guys I am shattered… I don’t feel great I think we need to rearrange… do you think we could get together another time.

Three times I sat there ready to hit send. Three times I had to convince myself it was the wrong thing to do. I had to tell myself repeatedly…

At least three times I had to tell myself being tired is not a good enough reason to cancel. You are always shattered if you cancel for that reason you are accepting never seeing them again.

At least three times I had to tell myself they are your friends they won’t mind if you are not “on point”. If you are slow or unsociable or stupid.

At least three times I had to tell myself they are coming to see you not your house or anything else. If the place is a state get over it. (I shut the door to the living room you literally can’t walk in there for toys and mess).

At least three times I had to tell myself you are worth it. You are a good friend and they will be happy to see you.

I wish this was my at table we had frozen pizza and Prosecco on plastic plates!!! I will try to take a picture next time.

I know things are bloody tuff sometimes don’t let life take your happiness. No one else is going to find happiness for you. Make it and protect it. Happiness is free but you have to work for it.


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