Six reasons you don’t want help. Challenge yourself to do something different today.

I could list so many people I know right now who are unhappy. For some of them it’s a subtle feeling…I don’t remember the last time I felt truly happy. For others they have confided in me they have struggled so much they have considered taking their own lives. What do many of these people have in common? They are not seeking help or trying to do anything differently to make their lives better.

I hear lots of reasons why they don’t get help…

I just need time….

Time is a great healer when the thing which is impacting you is recent and unusual, time is great. If you find yourself stuck in a persistent difficult place or if time has already passed and you are not feeling better. Are you expecting to keep everything the same in your life and that time alone will be a magic salve?

There are others who need help more…

Comparing your struggles or how you are feeling to other people is not fair or realistic. What matters is how you feel and your ability to cope. Will you avoiding help magically create an opportunity it for someone else to get it?

I don’t think I can be helped…

You might not find the right Therapy or therapist first time. It might take failed attempts and varied approaches you might need medication, you might not. It could takes weeks, or maybe years. But this I know you can be happy again if you keep trying. Have you not got any road left to travel, any possibility, any chance?

I don’t have time…

You don’t always need a lot of time. Consistency is more important. When you find things that work for you, sticking with them through the difficult days and the good days is key. Therapy can go at a pace that works for you. And you will find you have more time and ease of speed with life when you are feeling happy and well. Have you not got ten minutes a day where you could work on being happier?

It does not matter…

It matters. You matter. Don’t live your life unhappily just to waste your years ploughing forward towards the end. Where is the point in that?

I don’t need help…

Only you can answer this one, but as someone who spent years struggling with flash backs, sleep problems and a lack of pure happiness. I was surviving perhaps even to the outside world thriving. I had a great job family and friends. Inside most days were a battle, I would wage the war with meditation, training, exercise, any tool I could find. I was loosing the war slowly and without knowing. Are you fighting a battle on the inside? Are you really winning?

You can do this, you can be well, you are worth it. Just take the next step and then the next. You have got this…


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