Poetry to ignite the soul: Definition.

How do you define you?

By your actions?
By your thoughts?
By your feelings?

If you act against your wants or needs, you refuse to feel what you don’t want to feel.
If you deny your thoughts and cast them aside.

What is it that makes you then?

Are you defined by your past, but what if you denied those roots, you dragged them from the soil and let them struggle to find a footing.

Are you defined by you present. By your persistent continued refusal of the truth.

Are you defined by your future. By things not yet even played, notes yet to be cast.

Who are you?

Are you the lessons you learnt, the people you met, the books that you read?

A tapestry of the interactions with a world you never created. Simply a painting of which you could not hold the brush.

Can you be you, and refuse you at the same time?

Or are you no one, nothing.

Are you just a wish?


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