Three thoughts for Father’s Day for the ones without fathers or always wanting to be a dad.

Father’s Day is definitely a happy time for many recognising the love and showing gratitude for the wonderful dads who helped shape our journey.

For some though it can be hard. Either a bitter reminder of the father they never had, the father they have lost or the heart breaking reality of the child they long for.

Father and child

Here are some thoughts for anyone struggling this Father’s Day.

A fatherly figure is not always a dad.

Think about all the people in your life that have played a fatherly role. Perhaps a teacher or a boss or a distant relative. Fatherly love can be held in just a moment. These people didn’t need to be in your life for years. Sometimes even minutes can have a huge impact.

Where have you been able to support or guide someone. For some people the impact of these role models in lives is greater than any impact a parent has. You don’t need to be a father to be a dad.

Be ok with your feelings.

It’s normal to feel a little sad or lost if you are struggling this Father’s Day. Even if everyone around you is happy. Acknowledge if you have a reason to feel down and take care of yourself a little. No one will mind if you step out for a walk or find some time to just decompress.

Remember you are/ have so much more.

We place such a pressure and focus on parenting in our society but we are all so much more. I think there should be so many other days celebrated. You are so much more than a fatherless child or childless father. You are wonderful and can work towards the things in life which make you happy.


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