Poetry to Ignite the Soul: The life I never had a chance to live

Please know I am so grateful for the life I have.

The love which surrounds me everyday.

The intrigue of a job with endless possibility in its capacity to learn.

The people who brighten my moments and guide me on my path.

But there is a part of me which mourns for the life I never had a chance to know.

The one shot which I could have grasped and run with.

The possibility of the person I could have become.

Not constrained by my fear and self loathing.

Not forced to choose to survive, but nurtured to thrive.

Where all the will and determination I expelled just to stay alive could have been used to ignite a fire.

To chart a course of my own design.

Free to reach, to run towards a future rather than away from the past.

Sometimes I long for that chance.


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