My latest happiness experiment. Creating space for the things I need and love.

I have dabbled in the past with less social media and tv, every time I have I found benefit in it. I found myself not only feeling better in my general well-being but also looking forward to doing those things more.

So in my latest continued attempt to improve my mental well-being I have concocted another experiment. Monday-Thursday I won’t be allowed any social media, news or tv. (Unless going to cinema to socialise with other people).

I know I am going to find it really hard at first. I suspect I am a little addicted to some of these things, and if not addicted the habits are very well ingrained.

So in an attempt to help me achieve my goal I am listing now all the things I can do in those moments of down time or in the hours the girls have gone to bed….

  • Hobbies (Archery, Yoga, Embroidery).
  • Read a book.
  • Listen to a podcast.
  • Write (A poem, a blog, my book, an article).
  • Create (A talk, An idea).
  • Exercise (Walk, Pilates, Weights for ten minutes).
  • Create social content (no consumption).
  • Clear out emails.
  • Get on top of bills.
  • Update my name on everything!
  • Research something you are interested in (foster care statistics, parenting, psychology, archery).
  • Do some extra work (the work you never get time for during the 9-5).
  • Bake (max once a week, we had a period when I was on Matt leave and I baked every day. Both of us put on two stone).
  • Music Music Music.
  • Try playing the piano for five minutes.
  • Clear out a cupboard.

What do you do in your down time? Always welcome other suggestions of

I will let you know how I get on.


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