The next evolution. Because being true to who we are is essential.

For the steely eyed amongst you, you will have picked up on my recent name change. And I have finally been able to update the website. A day in bed feeling poorly can do wonders for the to-do list when web design is involved.

Beyond changing my actual name I also took the opportunity to up date the name of the blog. “Fight 4 Happiness”. I have been reflecting a lot of late on what exactly was that recipe which allowed me to not only survive lots of abuse but in many ways thrive. And the one consistent anchor through it all, I never ever gave up the fight.

Some days the battle was easily won, others I had to physically or mentally drag myself out of the darkness. There were loads of tools I used over the years, in fact if there is a well-being tool I suspect at some point I have dabbled with it. The key through it all though was to never give up, never settle, never accept the reality I was in, to force a way forward to the next minute, hour, day. It has been a messy journey at times and not everything has worked. I am very glad I managed to muster the energy to find a way through. I appreciate for many people I know they find themselves stuck, because they don’t have either the belief or the energy to force a way to a better future.

I am often reminded of this cartoon. In the original they are digging for diamonds but I think happiness is a much better goal.


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