Who am I

Who am I?

But an echo of fate yet struck

A muddle of loss and hope

A dance yet spun

Or die yet cast

Who am I?

Am I anything or everything until I am nothing

Is it not only then that my story is written I can be defined

If I am not until I am nothing

How do I know what sits at my core

In an ever shifting tide of possibility

Who am I?

From moment to moment my focus evolves, my perspective always anew

My heart sings to me it’s melody ever changing, a song yet sung surly can not be wrote

And the cacophony of programming played out at my request gently nudges at the edges of my path.

No two moments are the same nor I within them.

So who am I?

I can be everything and nothing, every decision a chance to renew, every lesson an opportunity to try again.

I am not defined by what they see or what I believe

I am only defined by the limits of possibility a boundary which I dictate.

I can choose, choose to allow or choose to decline. I can choose who I am.

I am possibility and so are you


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One response to “Who am I”

  1. Definite possibility.


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