Get ready to blast off. A short reflection on a year and a life.

So it’s my birthday today. And well it has been a really wonderful and interesting and tricky year.

Before this year I was decided the past was the past and that is exactly where it should stay. But it wasn’t healthy. As much as most days I was able to keep a lid on it. I was still often on edge and the nights well that is where most my defences failed. Plagued with nightmares and flashbacks and insomnia I was finally pushed to asking for some help last summer.

And bloody hell I am glad I did. It has been a sticky and messy process but I am doing so much better in the night and the day. I am almost finished with therapy and I can feel the need growing to position myself most effectively for success. Maybe the rocket has had a great mot this year. Stripped of its rusty parts, outfitted with some Morden tech. Now I just need to fuel the dam thing and ensure my exit from therapy launches me successfully on to the next great adventure.


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