Three ways to help yourself on the journey from beginner to expert.

Accept you will get it wrong and give yourself room to learn…

Often when we set ourselves goals in life we decide we just want to be there. Jump straight to the conclusion. If we do accept that there will be some work to do, to get from A to B then we often look for a linear development. No set backs, no do overs just growth.

Life is often not like that which is why it’s so important to remind ourselves, those who become experts started somewhere else and most experts had their own failings/ lessons along the way. In fact some experts had to fail to discover greatness and without it they would not have reached their potential.

Recognise your fear…

Notice when you don’t act due to fear. When you hold back due to fear. Being afraid of failure can be hugely demotivating, we put off the things we want to learn about ourselves through fear of getting it wrong, looking stupid.

We can create barriers which are not really there under the miss guided belief we are playing against a set of unwritten rules we must follow.

Surround yourself with brilliant people…

When you want to learn surround yourself by people a couple of steps ahead. It’s important not to pick someone who has already mastered the goal. This can often set us up to fail as we try to jump from A to Z skipping the learning in between. So find someone who knows a little bit, has walked a few steps ahead and follow them.

It also helps to have your cheer leaders who support you from the side line, cheering you on as you travel along your journey even if they don’t walk beside you.

These are all just reflections from someone who has overcome trauma to live a happy life. I am never an expert but always a willing companion and will continue sharing my lessons in the hopes it helps you with yours. So click follow if you want to bounce learnings back and forth.


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