Take back the power. Why you might not want to name your depression.

This is a concept I first came across many years ago. The idea is that you name your anxiety or depression and then you can refer to this “other” when you think about or struggle with it. People will says things like “It’s just Bob winding me up again.”

I have seen this work to great effect for some people. It allows them to distance themselves a little from the thing they are struggling with. It lets them gain perspective that it is not their entire being. That they are indeed something different, something greater.

I even at one stage used this tool briefly. I struggled with it though. I couldn’t seam to get the magic to work for me. I was not able to buy into the concept enough. It did no harm and after trying the method on for size I quickly discarded it and went on my merry way.

However I have come see a different side of this approach more recently. I have seen how these personas can develop, how naming the illness can somehow give it more power, like it is a being in its own right who dictates how you will or won’t feel.

I am not saying everyone must stop doing this right now. I am saying if you use this technique just be mindful of how well it is working for you and if you start to find “Bob” is getting a little out of hand perhaps it’s time to find a new approach.

I always believe that treating mental health is a unique recipe for every individual and what works for one might not work for another. But we all need to keep on fighting for happiness. Follow along if you want more insights on how to fight, from someone who is winning the battle. (I hope).


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